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Kurdistan Save the Children is a non-profit, non-political and non-sectarian organisation, established in 199, that provides assistance to children regardless of race, gender, political or religious affiliation.

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Youth Ability Development Program

Our aim is to provide a better future for youths by offering them opportunities to discover and develop their potentials.

Youth Activity Centers

At a time when the Kurdish Region is under post conflict development, the importance of engaging youths to provide a better future for them, the parents of tomorrow, is always a priority.

This program has 9 youth centers in different cities/towns in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq: Sulaimani, Kirkuk, Halabja, Ranya, Kalar, Shorsh, Darbandikhan, Koya, and Khanaqeen. KSC has established centers to support youths and have also created mobile medical teams that visit villages and towns to organize similar activities and training courses.

KSC welcomes professionally trained instructors, on a regular basis, at each center, to provide free training courses in computing, languages, sports, music, arts, and vocational training, such as tailoring and hairdressing. This enables youths to participate in free opportunities to learning and improvement of skills.KSC organizes events and festivals as a different approach to engage youths to represent them and express their talents.

Computer and Internet: With the advancement of technology and its becoming more integrated into our lives, operating computers and using the Internet have become essential skills needed at workplaces, schools and simply in the daily life. Therefore, the Computer and Internet Department of our Youth Ability Development Program organizes training courses for the purpose of making youth familiar with computer’s hardware and software in general and at the same time to develop their skills in system and application software whose skills are essentially needed, including: Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Formatting, 3D Max, Media Studio, Adobe Photoshop, Network and Internet browsing skills, Social Media …etc.

Music: The Music Department organizes training courses teaching youth how  to play different instruments including Daft, Drums, Santur, Sitar, Clarinet,  Flute, Guitar, Violin, Cello, Piano, Keyboard, Synthesizer…etc. The Music Department in our different Youth Activity Centers has given aspiring musicians the opportunity to form bands. It has also arranged concerts in which newly formed bands or our course participants play music and show their talent.

Graphic Arts: Conducting courses in drawing, painting, calligraphy, photography as well as opening various exhibitions, the Graphic Arts Department gives youth the opportunity to improve their skills and demonstrate their work.


Language Training: The department organizes language courses to master English, Arabic, Persian and Kurdish languages. It also provides an opportunity for the course participants to use the languages they learn practically by their participation in dialogues on various topics.

Sports: the organization not only provides a safe environment for youth, it also ensures an opportunity for youth to play sports. The department offers ongoing training in football, volleyball, basketball, Kung fu, Thai kuan du, chess, Ping-Pong, body building, boxing, kick boxing, gymnastics. …etc. In addition, the Sports Department in our different Youth Activity Centers has allowed youth to form sports’ teams and has also arranged various tournaments for different sports. The department has opened several Bodybuilding and Fitness Centers and offers fitness courses for both males and females.

Library: To raise literate individuals and critical thinkers, we need to make sure that we teach youth to read, and to show them that reading is as pleasurable as it is important. And that simply means, finding books that they enjoy, providing them with those books, and letting them read them. The Libraries in our different Youth Activity Centers serve the purpose of providing books and encouraging youth to read.

Vocational Training: The department organizes training courses in hairdressing and tailoring .The main objective of the training is to empower youths for having better job opportunities. Some of our course participants have started their own businesses. In some of our Youth Activities Centers, there are respective Tailoring and Hairdressing Departments.

Besides the above departments, our Youth Activity Centers organize other events and activities such as:

* Book Exhibitions: where books are put on display and are sold for significantly discounted prices.

* Poem reading events for budding poets.

* Seminars and Cultural meetings: Our Youth Activity Centers have organized seminars and meetings on issues such as, smoking, immigration, contemporary issues, such as, the ethnic Kurdish identity and the national identity in Iraq, concept of forgiveness in Kurdish Islamism…etc.

*Art Exhibitions: countless art exhibitions to shed light on our youths talents and skills.

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Youth Sector

Video: Derbendixan Daff Band is a musical band formed by DERBENDIXAN YOUTH ACTIVITIES CENTER.

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