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What We Do

Child Protection

Child Protection in all its aspects is one of KSC’s principle goals. We always work for the best interest of a child and are responsible for the management of special cases and sensitive situations regarding children. Our programs include the implementation of Child Helpline 116, a juvenile justice system, and projects protecting working children, child abuse cases, street children and juveniles in conflict with the law. Advocating the rights’ of a child is KSC’s


KSC runs eight Youth Activity Centers located in Sulaimani, Kalar, Koya, Ranya, Derbandenxan, Halabja, Shoresh, Xanaqin, and Kirkuk. Each center offers vocational training, workshops, technical expertise along with a space to encourage creativity, sports, arts, music, and skills. KSC Youth Centers were established to provide a social and recreational space for youths. Our youth program promotes engagement in learning and income generation and welcomes young persons from all backgrounds.


KSC has a special program for those children across the entire Kurdish region in need of extra support within the various programs of our organization. our sponsors come from far and wide but with 1500 children currently on our sponsorship register  and many more children awaiting assistance, you can be part of making a significant difference by sponsoring a child today with the donation of anything between 30$-100$ a month.



KSC Health project provides medical support for children diagnosed with diseases. Through our large network of local and international specialists, we are able to refer special health cases abroad or nationally to ensure that the children receive the care they need. With the prevalence of congenital heart diseases, cleft lip and palate, disabilities, spinal cord correction, Thalassemia, leukemia, and specialist care often too expensive or limited, we provide financial and medical support to families.


Education is the key to development and although every child has the right to an education in the Kurdistan region, unfortunately not every child is aware of their own rights and how to protect them. KSC focuses on educating on children’s rights and encourages child development in our broad based projects including 5 Children Cultural Centers, A Rehabilitation Center For Children With Special Educational Needs, Shahid Jabbar School, 2 nurseries and education projects in Refugee Camps.

Children with Cancer (ARA)

ARA program is the new addition to KSC. ARA meaning hope has its main objective to bring hope to children diagnosed and receiving treatment for cancer. With cancer becoming more prevalent in today’s society, Kurdistan Save the Children focuses on providing information, financial assistance, and psychosocial support for cancer stricken children and their families, initiated in Hiwa Hospital children’s cancer ward in Sulaimani, and now spreading to Duhok and Erbil.