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Kirkuk Youth Activity Centre

Kirkuk Youth Activity Centre

This center was established in 1999 with the aim of developing the skills and talents of youths. Volunteer work has an evident...
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Shorsh Youth Centre

The Shorish Youth Activity Center was established in 2010 and is the only place in Shorish that offers services to youth free...
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Halabja Youth Centre

This center was founded on August 20th 2008 to offer youth development services to the youth in Halabja through its various departments....
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Khanaqin Youth Centre

The Khanaqeen youth activity center was provides learning opportunities for the youth to acquire skills in computing and internet usage, music, fine...
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Kalar Youth Centre

This center was opened in 2002. The center offers educational opportunities for cultural and artistic development of the youth in Kalar. The...
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Koya Youth Centre

The Koya youth activity center was established on June 20th 2002. Since then it has played a key role in providing the...
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Ranya Youth Centre

This center was established on September 15th 2001, with the main goal of providing various services to the youth in Ranya through...
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Darbandikhan Youth Centre

The Darbandikhan Youth Activity Center was established in September 1999.  We have expanded our departments to provide a variety of different activities...
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Sulaimani Youth Centre

Sulaimani Youth Activity Center was established in 1998 with the main purpose of providing various educational, intellectual and recreational services to young...
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