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Child labour is an issue that is prone to areas of conflict and disaster. With the outpour of refugees and internally displaced people in the Kurdistan Region, child labour cases are bound to increase. Depriving children of their regular schooling and affecting their physical and psychological health.

Within the Child Protection framework, KSC has conducted numerous projects in its efforts to decrease the number of child labour and forced child begging cases in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Although there is an evident decrease in the number of children at risk of being exploited by their caretakers or employers there is still a long way to go in keeping these children safe and putting an end to this phenomenon.

KSC has worked vigorously since its establishment in 1991 to decrease this rate and conducted one of the largest child labour assessments in the region in 2007. The assessment was conducted throughout the Sulaimani, Erbil and Duhok areas and was a three year long project. The child labour cases were identified, assisted financially and returned to school environments before being directed to the KRG government. The project resulted in a large decline of child labour cases and was therefore renewed in 2010.

Due to the emergence of ISIS militias in 2014 and the outpour of IDP and refugee families who are seeking refuge in the Kurdistan Region, the rate of working children and begging by coercion reached a peak. KSC took quick measures to control the number of children being exploited and reinforce its awareness campaigns and assessments.

Later on, KSC began its Identifying Children at Risk Project. This project assists children who are exploited by their caretaker to work and beg in public places and are at a higher risk of being abused. To help solve the problem a committee was formed between KSC and the Juvenile Police Station with the main objectives of protecting, monitoring and decreasing the number of endangered children. The project is still ongoing.



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