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You can now send money to your Sponsorship child / children online. Just fill out the information below and submit the payment. This will take you to our secure PayPal site where you finalize the payment by either choose to pay through your own PayPal account (if you don’t have an account already, you can easily set up one for free) or pay with your credit card.

 Filling out the form below, you just choose the period for which you would like to pay. If you would like to send any extra money to your sponsor child / children you simply choose that alternative from the drop down list. Then put down your sponsorship number and make sure you get the exact numbers. This will be our reference to you as a sponsor. State the amount, and submit the form. When taken to the secure PayPal site just follow the direction to finalize your payment

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You can give your immidiate contribution to the KSC activities through donating online!

Our system for handeling donations is secure with PayPal, and you can choose between using your credit card or a free PayPal account for the donation.When the transaction is completed you will receive a comfirmation mail from us, to let you know the donation is received.