Mend a Broken Heart

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Through no fault of their own, over 1000 children are dying in Kurdistan because of congenital heart defects, and through no fault of their own they cannot afford the cure with life saving heart surgery just dollars out of reach.

There is a high prevalence of severe congenital heart defects amongst the Kurdish infant population, and a child simply will not survive without intervention. These children often live in difficult circumstances and poverty is the main suppressor after years of conflict in the region.

Kurdistan Save the children is working hard to ensure children have access to healthcare, national healthcare is in reform but we do not yet have all the means to treat heart defects alone. We need your help to send these children who need specialist surgery abroad to receive the life saving surgeries they need.

In 2014 alone Kurdistan Save the Children financially assisted over 200 children to receive congenital care abroad, but there are hundreds of children waiting for our help and their lives are at risk as their health deteriorates over time.

Please donate now and help us mend a child’s heart today. The more we raise, the more children we can save.

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