Ranya Youth Centre

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This center was established on September 15th 2001, with the main goal of providing various services to the youth in Ranya through its various activities, courses and departments.

The total number of beneficiaries in the year 2019 reached 4,713 youths. Some of the activities for the year 2019 include: Opening 3 computer program courses and daily using internet in which 192 youths benefitted, opening 12 musical courses for different musical instruments and 5 Music Activites in which 185 youths benefitted, opening 3 art courses and 2 exhibitions in which 211 youths benefitted, opening 4 English courses in which 165 youths benefitted, opening 7 hairdressing courses and 2 sewing courses in which 141 youths benefitted, The sports department opened many courses and conducted different activities that included: 7 football games, 7 table tennis courses in which 809 youths benefitted.