Promoting Education through the Sponsorship Programme

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Sadly, poverty can become an obstacle that denies children some of their basic rights such as education. Hundreds of children are deprived of this right due to the low income of their families and through no faults of their own. KSC has constructed a Sponsorship Program that encourages and promotes the continuance of education for these children equally.

The Sponsorship Programme provides children of low income families or children who have lost a caretaker with monthly financial support. The only requirement demanded to be registered into the programme is the child’s continuance of schooling. The KSC team makes regular outings to ensure the requirements are met and provide psychosocial assistance where needed.

Local and international sponsors have assisted KSC throughout the years in making the biggest impact in these child’s lives by donating a small monthly fee to the cause.


Find out more on how you can help:

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