Kirkuk Youth Activity Centre

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This center was established in 1999 with the aim of developing the skills and talents of youths.
Volunteer work has an evident role in the center which has resulted in volunteers creating a beautiful
serene garden for the youths to enjoy.
In 2017, 24,595 youths (18,766 boys-5,829 girls) benefitted from the center and 18,928 youths
participated in the center’s courses and activities. Some of the center’s activities in 2017 include:

Opening 4 computer programming courses in which 72 youths are beneficiaries, opening 10 musical instrument courses in which 180 youths are beneficiated, opening 3 English language courses in which 48 youths are beneficiated, opening 6 art courses in which 130 youths are beneficiated, opening 5 hairdressing and 4 sewing training courses in which 234 youths are beneficiated.