Juvenile Justics

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Young offenders in society need help and support to negotiate the justice system and to reintegrate into society. KSC’s Juvenile Justice program helps these children and teenagers throughout the process. We provide them with lawyers and consultants who help them through the legal procedures, and try to answer to their different needs and resolve their social situations.

When young offenders are released from the reformatories we help them through our follow-up programme (PRFP) to reunite with their families, and try to get them back into society through education programs or employment. Our social workers pay regular visits to the families and follow the cases until they are sufficiently re-established. We encourage and assist them financially to get a job or to start a small business. For those who are still very young we try to get them back to school, as we believe education is the best way of preventing them from returning to a life of crime. Since this project began in 1998 more than 1,130 juveniles have been assisted through both legal and social consultation, another 80 have been part of the follow-up programme (PRFP). Only five of the young people in our program have re-offended.

We are always trying to improve the juvenile justice system and work closely with the authorities concerned such as, the Juvenile Police Station and the Juvenile Detention Centres.