Premature Babies

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Sulaimaniyah Paediatric Teaching Hospital serves a population of over 1 million people as its doors are open to the entire Sulaimaniyah Governorate and surrounding provinces.

They have two neonatal care units with a sufficient number of trained staff but they are desperately lacking in machine used for the management of Respiratory Distress syndromes. With premature birth rate 7 per 100 births in Iraq, KSC aims to provide Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machines to the teaching hospital; This machine is a mechanical ventilator is a breathing machine that delivers warmed and humidified air into a baby’s lungs.

The direct beneficiaries will be the premature born babies in Sulaimani Pediatric Teaching Hospital that are currently 50-80 premature births a month, and 600-950 premature births a year annually.
This will not only save their lives but it also help in preventing the extra complication that premature babies are at risk to have. We need your help to be able to provide these CPAP machines. Each machine costs $10,000- help us raise this amount to save lives of premature babies.

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