Child abuse

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This project assists children that are at risk of facing child protection concerns such as children who are exploited by their guardians to work or beg in public places and are at a higher risk of being abused. These children face a higher risk of having their rights violated by family members and society. Kurdistan Save the Children conducted an assessment to identify the scale of this issue in the year 2017, 424 children between the ages 4-14 in Sulaimani were identified as being at risk. With the aim of protecting these children, Kurdistan Save the Children in coordination with the Sulaimani mayor conducted a workshop with the attendance of relevant institutions and organizations to outline a project to tackle the issue. A committee was formed between KSC and the Juvenile Police Station on the mayor’s recommendation by the name “Child Protection Committee ~ to identify, manage, monitor, and protect those children from risk.

The committee’s main objectives were protecting, monitoring and decreasing the number of endangered children. The committee’s tasks are the duties of the juvenile police according to law, however due to the low number of staff, financial constraints and lack of psychologists, the juvenile police were unable to carry out all these duties. Kurdistan Save the Children assisted the juvenile police in creating the committee by instating 4 psychologists, a bus, a driver, transportation expenses for 8 policemen and officers, as well as food and necessities for those children.