Distributing Medicines to Kurdistan Hospitals

Kurdistan Save the Children on 13-16/6/2021, with the Value of 2,645,514 $ two million, six hundred and forty-five thousand, five hundred and fourteen dollars, distributed four-drug palettes to the drug store and medical supplies in the Shorsh Educational Hospitals and the General Directorate of Health of Garmian, Halabja, Rania, and the Counseling for Asthma & Allergy Center.
Which was obtained by direct relief.
The palette consisted of:
1000 BOT / Amoxicillin_200mg/5mL_50mL_1ct_PDR
8000 BOT / Prednisone_10mg_100TAB
320 PAK / Naloxone Auto-Injector_2mg/0.4mL_2SOL
400 PAK / Prednisone_10mg_100TAB
1000 BOT / Amox_Clav_600mg-42.9/5mL_75mL_PDR
1000 PAK / Prednisone_20mg_100TAB
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