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The 12th grade graduation ceremony of Shahid Jabar Exemplary Secondary School

Kurdistan Save the Children, was held the 12th grade graduation ceremony at the Shahid Jabar Exemplary Secondary School on 3/10/2020, which was a 57 students  participated  the ceremony.

students discussed six-year experience and study for students and attendees, and at the end of the party Kurdistan Save the Children،s presents was given to students.

The Shahid Jabar Exemplary Secondary School has been established since 2001 to provide equal opportunities for every student without distinction. It is run by the Kurdistan Save the Children in partnership with the Sulaimaniyah Education Directorate.

The school has been conducting scientific subjects in English and has received high grades annually in 12 high school exams. Kurdistan Save the Children congratulates students and their families and congratulates the school’s principal, teachers and staff.

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