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Surgery for Children with Cleft Lips and Palate Disease

On 19/11/2020, Kurdistan Save the Children Organization and the Emergency Hospital/ Slemani signed an understanding memorandum to perform surgery for children with Cleft Lips and Palate Disease.

Currently, 64 children have been examined by a specialized medical team and 4 have undergone surgery, which is scheduled to last for 6 weeks, which about 150 children will be examined and 42 will undergo surgery.

The project will be funded by Kurdistan Save the Children Organization, and the emergency hospital will complete the coordination and facilitation to manage the project.

It is worth mentioning that after the surgeries, Kurdistan Save the Children will continue to train the children to speak by speech therapy.
Kurdistan Save the Children expressed their gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Luqman, Dr. Zhwan, and the Emergency Hospital team who are helping to treat these children.