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Distributing 950 food baskets in Darbandikhan and Khanaqin

Kurdistan Save the Children distributed 950 food packages through the Youth Activities Centers/ Darbandikhan and Khanaqin to families who need help, by distributing 850 food packages in Darbandikhan, 210 packages in bawakhoshin, and villages of Darbandikhan and its surroundings, 100 packages for Refugees in and around the city, 492 packages for poor families who need help, 20 packages for Roshnaee Dill Organization, 28 packages have been given to families with sick children 100 packages in Khanaqin and surrounding villages have been presented to displaced families and poor families.

It is worth mentioning that Kurdistan Save the Children delivered 6750 packages to families who need help (internally, refugees and IDPs) in Slemani province and Garmian.

These food packages are part of the (Donate for Life) campaign which takes 25,000 food packages by (Sulaymaniyah Chamber of Commerce) with the support of some companies and businessmen at the Slemani International Exhibition.