Kurdistan Save the Children participated in UICC workshop

Kurdistan Save the Children participated in the #UICC ‘Leadership in Action’ MENA region workshop organised by the #OCA Omani Cancer Association, in Oman Muscat. KSC was the only non governmental organization to participate on behalf of #Iraq.

The workshop which focused on organisational leadership, was attended by the President of UICC Princess Dina Mired as well as around 40 other governmental and non governmental participants from the #MENA region.

Aside from discussing the status of children with #cancer and the healthcare system in Kurdistan and Iraq, #KSC_KCF is awarded the UICC Champion of Iraq for the ’Treatment for All’ campaign, with King Hussein Cancer Foundation (#KHCF) as its mentor. KSC will be therefore be developing our activities in cancer control in the near future.

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