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A group of Swiss sponsors visited Kurdistan

A group of Swiss sponsors visited Kurdistan in order to review the projects which are funded by them (PIK Organization in Switzerland) and accomplished by Kurdistan Save the Children. They stayed in Kurdistan from 21st to 27th, October 2018. Two active members (Trudi Weber, Marianne Meier) of that organization visited Kurdistan.

They visited 20 of the families which are included in the sponsorship program and receive a regular support from PIK Organization on a monthly basis. They also visited the projects funded by them such as (Sheep project in Chamchamal, Raising awareness about protection while earthquakes in Darbandikhan for students, Apple project in Kaziwa Kindergarten/Barika camp and Music project in Hallabje Youth Activity Center).



In the end of their visit, they mentioned that they are thrilled to work with Kurdistan Save the Children and they showed their commitment to find more sponsors in order to support Children. They have donated 1900 Euros to the families they have visited for the necessity observed in the visit.
The Swiss sponsors are extremely loyal people who have looked after Kurdistan Children from 1991 through the sponsorship program. They have supported in need families on a monthly basis and they have established their own organization under the name (PIK- Sponsorship of Kurdish Children in Switzerland). The Swiss sponsors are supporting 100 families in the moment and funding several projects which are held by Kurdistan Save the Children.

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