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The Educational Programme’s 7th Annual Exhibition

 Kurdistan Save the Children on the 8th of August opened the Educational Programme’s 7th Annual Exhibition under the title (Annual Kaziwa Exhibition) in Nishtiman Hall at AmnaSuraka that lasted 1 day.

The aims of events like this are to encourage and develop the skills and talents of the educational programme’s child beneficiaries and exhibit their paintings and handcrafts during the summer.

The event exhibited a year of the children’s work at the Educational Project’s (Sara, Sarshaqam, Chwarta, Bazian and Arbat) Children’s Cultural Centers, Kaziwa Kindergarten and Rehabilitation Center for Children with Special Educational Needs that included a music performance, paintings, clothing and handcrafts such as ceramics, knitting, etc..

It’s worth mentioning that Mrs. Shanaz Ibrahim Ahmed (co-founder of KSC) attended the gallery to support the children and the importance of children’s issues.

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