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Identifying and Protecting 235 Children That Were At Risk

With the aim of protecting and reducing the amount of children under the age of 15 that are exploited by their guardians to work and children above the age of 15yrs who work in hazardous conditions and are at risk, Kurdistan Save the Children through the Sulaimani mayor provided its support and assistance to the Juvenile Police and Social to create a “Child Protection Committee”. The committee includes: 3 social and psychological workers, 6 juvenile police, and 1 social care inspector.

This committee conducts 4 site visits a day to public places including work places, bars and hotels to identify children that are at risk. Within the last seven months the committee has identified 235 children that were at risk: 60.5% of the children were IDPs, 11.4% were refugee children and 28.1% were local wanderers.

A number of services were provided to the children that were identified and some cases were referred for addition services, including:

1- Raising the awareness of the child’s guardians on the negative effects of child labour and relative laws and regulations.

2- Charges were filed against 38 guardians for child trafficking.

3- The provision of psychosocial services to the children.

4- 38 cases were referred to UNHCR to receive additional services.

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