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Youth Ability Development Programme’s Activities in June of 2018

Kurdistan Save the Children continues to assist youth in developing their abilities at the Youth Activity Centers.

The Youth Ability Development Program activities in June of 2018 include:

* Youth Activity Center- Khanaqeen: 1- Opening a volleyball course for 18 teams in Khanaqeen.

* Youth Activity Center- Darbandixan: 1- Opening a vocational hairdressing course for 15 youth. 2- Opening a football course for 28 teams.

* Youth Activity Center- Halabja: 1- Ending a table tennis course.

* Youth Activity Center- Sulaimani: 1- Opening a guitar course for 25 youth. 2- Opening an English language course for 30 youth.

* Youth Activity Center- Shorsh: 1- Provision of hot meals for 650 students at Charmo University and Chamchamal Technical Institute’s dormitories which was provided by donors and Mr. Azad Hassan and Nawzad Hassan. 2- Provision of 150 food packs for city gardeners and drivers which was provided by donors and Mr. Azad Hassan and Mr. Soran Hamid.

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