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A Summary of KSC’s Activities in May 2018

* Protecting 53 children (23 IDP and 4 refugee children) that were at risk from child labour at hotels, cafeterias and public places.

* 31 children (5 IDP children) received legal and social services and were placed into host families and reintegrated back into school.

* Funding the surgeries, prescribed medicine and hearing aids of 31 children (4 IDP children) with congenital diseases.

* Non-formal education classes and courses at KSC’s Children’s Cultural Centers are ongoing for 1216 children (49 IDP and 540 refugee children).

* Providing legal and social services to 11 children who have come in contact with the law within the Juvenile Justice Project.

* Providing monthly salaries for 74 medical staff at the Directorate of Health’s governmental hospitals due to the lack of financial support from the government.

* Raising the awareness of 59 parents about child protection.

* Providing training and medical follow-ups to 143 children at the Educational Training Center for Children with Special Educational Needs and conducting parent meeting for 42 parents about their children.




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