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Beneficiaries of KSC’s activities in April by numbers

* 65 children (36 IDP and 12 refugees) at risk were assisted through the Identifying Children at Risk project and 74 parents benefitted from an awareness session.

* 143 children at the Educational Training Center for Children with Special Needs received medical follow-up and rehabilitation and 60 parents benefitted from monthly parenting sessions.

* 10 children with congenital diseases received cost and arrangement assistance for surgeries, medicine and hearing aids.

* 1173 children benefitted from the Sponsorship Program’s financial support.

* 675 children (362 children of IDP families) benefitted from KSC Children Cultural Center’s non-formal classes.

* 9 children who have come in contact with the law received social and legal support.

* 74 medical staff at governmental health institutes received monthly salary & support from KSC due to lack of financial support from the government.

* 33 families of children receiving treatment at Hiwa Hospital benefitted from a session on different areas that affect a family who has a child diagnosed with cancer.

* 805 people benefitted from an autism awareness campaign.

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