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The Education Programme’s Activities in April 2018

Kurdistan Save the Children works to provide a peaceful and recreational environment to encourage learning alongside arts, sports and additional aspects at the Children’s Cultural Centers.

The Education Programme’s activities in the second half of April 2018:

* With the aim of raising awareness on the forms of child abuse so children can identify it when they face these situations, KSC began an awareness campaign on the 22/4/2018 which included the distribution of posters on the matter in 32 schools. The campaign and distribution of posters will be ongoing in schools in Sulaimani and surrounding areas.

* On the 25/4/2018, guidance on how to protect the environment was given to the children at Kaziwa Kindergarten in Arbat Refugee Camp and a number of plants were planted later on by the children. 175 children benefitted from this activity.

* On the 25/4/2018 a video clip was recorded for a song by the child beneficiaries at the Children’s Cultural Center-Chwarta which was followed by numerous art activities.

* On the 26/4/2018 a video clip was recorded for the song “Nishteman” for 12 child beneficiaries at the Children’s Cultural Center-Arbat.


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