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KSC’s April 2018 Activities in Erbil

Kurdistan Save the Children’s projects and programmes are ongoing in Erbil to serve children. KSC conducted a number of activities in April 2018, namely:

* On the 15-16th of April 2018, KSC in collaboration with the Environmental Board in Erbil conducted an Awareness campaign at (Raben, Erbil Ola, Qaraman and Shingal) Primary Schools. The campaign included the screening of an educational video about keeping the environment clean, cleaning the streets and schools and planting 200 plants with the help of children.

* With the aim of providing psychosocial services to children with cancer, KSC on the 24th of April 2018 conducted a birthday celebration for 8 children at Nanakaly Hospital- Erbil. The celebration was generously sponsored by Hafta Bazaar Market and gifts were given to the children at the end of the event.

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