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The Youth Ability Development Program Activities in March 2018

The aim of the Youth Activity Centers is providing equal opportunities for youth to grow and learn.

The Youth Ability Development Program activities in March of 2018 include:

*Darbandixan Youth Activity Center: 1- Ending a football course championship. 2-conducting 2 friendly games. 3- Renovating the center’s library. 4- Opening a football course for 286 beneficiaries. 5- Conducting a friendly volleyball game in Sulaimani.

*Khanaqeen Youth Activity Center: 1- Presenting 138 hairdressing course beneficiaries with certificates. 2- Ending a volleyball course championship for 18 teams in Khanaqeen. 3- Opening an art exhibition for 2 artists. 4- Ending a driving course for 30 female beneficiaries.

Halabja Youth Activity Center: 1- The center’s artists, Rangala Group, painted a number of school, institute and university walls. 2- Conducting a number of activities on behalf of Theater Day.

Koya Youth Activity Center: 1- Organizing a hiking trip for 30 youth. 2- Opening a football course. 3- The participation of the center’s music group in “Rwangay Rasan” Program with 7 pieces.

Kalar Youth Activity Center: 1- Conducting a seminar under the title (how to be a healthy family). 2- Ending a sewing course and presenting 18 beneficiaries with certificates. 3- Opening a language and subject advancement course.

Sulaimani Youth Activity Center: 1- Opening an art and handcraft exhibition for 15 beneficiaries, alongside 5 music performances. 2- Presenting the beneficiaries of 4 computer courses with certificates. 3- Opening a computer networking course for 20 youth.

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