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Sponsorship Program for the Months of Januarary and February 2018

The Sponsorship Program provides children who have lost a parent or are of families with low income with monthly financial support to encourage children to continue their education.
Kurdistan Save the Children distributed monthly financial support to 1253 children on the 20th of February till 4th of March 2018 for the months of Januarary and February with a total amount of 106,696,000 IQD in (Sulaimani, Kalar, Qaladze, Chamchamal, Koya, Halabja, and Kirkuk).

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To further assist the families of child beneficiaries, 69 families of child beneficiaries were provided with daily needs which included (1,502,000 IQD, 84 clothing pieces, 4 food packs, newborn items, strollers, baby cribs and beds, and kerosene).This aid was provided by donors.


KSC expresses its deepest gratitude and appreciation to its local and international sponsors and donors who support the Sponsorship Program and donation boxes. KSC’s doors are always open to direct your donations to families in need.

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