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The Education Programme’s Activities in February 2018

Kurdistan Save the Children supports every child’s right to education and works to provide a peaceful and recreational environment to encourage learning alongside arts, sports and additional aspects at the Children’s Cultural Centers.
KSC’s Education Programme conducted a number of activities in February 2018:
* A medical team visited Sara Children’s Cultural Center to raise hygiene awareness, provide hair and scalp checkups for 78 child beneficiaries and treatment for 16 child beneficiaries.

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* On the 5/2/2018, a story reading activity and a puppet show was conducted for the child beneficiaries at Kaziwa Kindergarten in Arbat Refugee Camp.

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* On the 19/2/2018, a training course was conducted for the parents of child beneficiaries at the Educational Training Center for Children with Special Needs on how to provide psychical training for their child at home.

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* On the 22/2/2018, on behalf of International Mother Language Day, at Bazian Children’s Cultural Center an event was organized for the child beneficiaries which included poem citations and readings about the importance of the day. At the end of the event the participants were awarded.

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