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International Volunteer Day

The United Nations for the first time in 1985 mandated the 5th of December as International #Volunteers Day and is celebrated annually around the world. The aim of the day is to value the work of volunteers, show #gratitude for their work, to spread awareness in the community and promote #volunteerism to build a better community.

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This day is a chance to encourage the community to take part in volunteer work in all aspects of life to develop a more peaceful, social and economical community.


Volunteerism increases trust, belief and support within civilians and also gives them a chance to contribute in creating a more developed country and community.

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Kurdistan Save the Children as a non-profit organization dedicated to children was established by volunteers. Volunteers have a significant role in carrying out KSC’s projects and have always supported and increased our services.


On this day we would like to thank the people, groups and bodies who have given their time and effort to our organization locally and internationally. Providing assistance in conducting our work and services and contribute in monitoring, developing and protecting the rights of children in Kurdistan and Iraq.



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