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Conducting a Meeting to Resolve the Child Labour Phenomenon in Erbil

Kurdistan Save the Children’s Child Protection Program on the 18th of December 2017 with the aim of protecting children from all forms of maltreatment and exploitation conducted a meeting with UNICEF Organization in Erbil with the attendance of interested parties including (Justice Council, Child and Family Social Affairs, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the Provincial Council of Erbil, and Erbil’s mayor).

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In the meeting the results of an assessment on (working children under the age of 15 who are exploited to beg and work by guardians on Erbil’s streets, traffic and corners) were disclosed which were 1948 working  children. During the meeting legal and social policies on how to treat children who have come in contact with the law were discussed and a project was presented by KSC on a legal and social solution for the phenomenon.

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