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Youth Ability Development Program in October

Kurdistan Save the Children’s Youth Activity Center doors are open to provide youth opportunities to develop their skills in a recreational environment.

The Youth Ability Development Programme activities in October:

* Kalar Youth Activity Center: 1- opening a journalism course for 58 beneficiaries. 2- Conducting a contest for small sport games in which 15 youth participated.

* Sulaimani Youth Activity Center: 1-presenting certificates to 20 beneficiaries of the cosmetology course.  2- The art course is ongoing with 50 youth beneficiaries.


* Shorsh Youth Activity Center: 1- conducting a swimming competition with the participation of 25 youth.

*Darbandixan Youth Activity Center: 1-conducting the last game of the football course with the participation of 15 institutes. 2-presenting certificates to 6 computer course beneficiaries and15 hairdressing course beneficiaries. 3- Opening a hairdressing course for 12 youth.

* Ranya Youth Activity center: 1- distributing certificates to the participants of the following courses (robot construction, hairdressing, montage, and computer).

*Khanaqeen Youth Activity Center: 1- opening a cosmetology course for 32 youth.

* Halabja Youth Activity Center: conducting a graduation ceremony and presenting the sewing and art course beneficiaries with certificates.



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