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Child Rights Awareness Campaign 20/11/2017

With the aim of raising awareness about the rights of children and the UNCRC articles, Kurdistan Save the Children from the 13th till 20th of November 2017 conducted an awareness campaign at the Educational Program’s projects including the Children’s Cultural Centers (Sara, Sarshaqam, Bazian, and Chwarta), Kaziwa Kindergarten and a number of schools.
1 sara (2) 2 Sarshaqam (1) 3 Baxchae mndalne kazewae arbat (2) 4 Bazyan (2)
The campaign included the distribution of 600 leaflets about child rights at a number of schools in which 807 children benefitted and the participation of 84 child beneficiaries of the educational projects (Kaziwas) with diverse recreational activities.
3 Baxchae mndalne kazewae arbat (4) 4 Bazyan (3)

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