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Child Protection Programme – August 2017

All of the Child Protection Program projects and work are to prevent and protect children against all forms of maltreatment and exploitation.

This program’s project and activities include protecting vulnerable children, child marriage, protecting children from maltreatment (abuse), juvenile justice, child labor, child trafficking, and cases of undocumented children.

Within the framework of the Child Protection Programme in August:

* 106 juveniles who’ve come in contact with the law benefitted from KSC’s social services and 269 juveniles benefitted from the legal services in Sulaimani, Kirkuk, Erbil and Garmyan.

* on the 16th-17th of August 2017 a seminar was conducted for the employees at the Juvenile Police Station in Erbil concerning child rights, ending abuse and how to treat juveniles who come in contact with the law.

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