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Youth Ability Development Program

The Youth Ability Development program works to develop the skills and abilities of youth by opening a number of courses and conducting activities.

The Youth Activity Centers conducted a number of art and cultural activities on behalf of International Youth Day that included music shows, the opening of art and clothing exhibitions, seminars and celebrating the end of a few summer courses.

Some of Youth Activity Center activities in the month of August:

* Ranya Youth Center: 1-conducted a celebration for the center’s guitar and music group. 2- Conducted 3 Cultural forums. 3- Trained the art dept. beneficiaries to work in nature. 4- Ended a tennis, English and Arabic language course.

*Shorsh Youth Center: 1-opened a hairdressing course for 70 youth. 2-opened a French Language Course for 20 youth. 3- Ended the first half of the summer courses.

*Khanaqeen Youth Center: 1- won the folk team championship in Khanaqeen. 2- Opened a journalism course for 30 youth. 3-opened a hairdressing course for 65 youth.

*Darbandixan Youth Center: 1-opened a football course for 120 youth. 2- Continues the (music, computer, sport, language, and vocational) courses. 3- Opened volleyball courses for the villages.

*Koya Youth Center: 1-the participation of the center’s guitar group in Koya Day festivities. 2- Opened a hairdressing course for 54 youth. 3- Continues the (music, computer, sport, language, and vocational) courses.

*Kalar Youth Center: 1-opened a music course. 2- Opened a journalism course in coordination with German Media Academy and Dang Radio for 79 youth. 3- Ended an air conditioning and sewing course. 4- Conducted a seminar.

*Halabja Youth Center: 1-The music group conducted a number of activities in Germany. 2-Continues its (English and Turkish language, art and music) courses.

*Kirkuk Youth Center: 1- opened a sewing course for 23 youth, an English language course for 22 youth and a hairdressing course for 20 youth.


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