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Darbandikhan Youth Activity

With the aim of providing an equal opportunity for both girls and boys in sport activities and increasing participation rates, the first school sports festival was conducted on the 28th of February 2017 “ Darbandixan City Day” at the Youth Activity Center- Darbandixan’s football field with the participation of 250 beneficiaries (100 girls and 150 boys).
The following schools participated in the event:
Halgurd and Azadi Secondary Schools for boys, Mardin and Nawar Secondary Schools, (Tavga, Fatih, Harsen, Raparen, Chiman, Shaho, Darbandixan, Said Kaki) Primary School for boys and (Shaho, Harsen, Chwarchra, and Tavga) Primary School for girls.
More than 500 guests attended the sports festival.
Kurdistan Save the Children’s Youth Ability Development Program manages 9 Youth Activity Centers in the Kurdistan Region including (Sulaimani, Kirkuk, Halabja, Darbandixan, Kalar, Xanaqin, Shoresh, Ranya, and Koya).
The Youth Activity Centers are public places for all youth to use as a place for meetings, conducting social, cultural and sport activities, and conducting diverse courses.
The main aim in these centers is increasing youth skills and abilities and providing youth with a space to interact and engage with other youth to provide them with the opportunity to reach their full potentials and discover their hidden talents. We also aim to encourage youth creativity and inventions.

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