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Child Friendly Space

With the aim of supporting the humanitarian organizations at Ashti Camp Ms. Marie Claude, Minister of International Development and La Francophonie in Canada visited the Child Friendly Space Project for refugee children at Ashti Camp on the 28th of February 2017. The Child Friendly Space is managed and run by Kurdistan Save the Children and funded by UNICEF. During the visit, the project’s child beneficiaries conducted a number of activities including sports, drawing, handcrafts and plays.

The Child Friendly Space Project is one of Kurdistan Save the Children’s projects that is funded by UNICEF and was opened a year ago with the aim of:

Protecting children and providing psychological and social support to refugee children aged (5-17) at the IDP and Refugee Camp in Ashti, Barzinja, Tazade and Piramagrun.

More than 480 children benefit from the Child Friendly Space Project daily through (art, hand crafts, music, theater, and sports) projects. Financial support as well as school supplies and clothing are also provided for the project’s child beneficiaries.

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