12720 Youth Benefitted From Kurdistan Save3 The Children In Darbandixan

In the year 2016 12,720 youths (12,220 male and 500 female) benefitted from Kurdistan Save the Children’s Youth Development Program’s sport activities at Darbandixan’s Youth Activity Center.

The sport activities included (football, a gym for male and female, sport festival, volleyball, tennis, chess, marathon, bicycle race, football training course, volleyball training course, sports forum and hiking).

  1. Opening festivals at football sport schools ,430 youth benefitted.
  2. Opening 2 football courses for (the city’s neighborhood choices 2 courses) 85 teams, neighborhood choices 17 teams, offices 18 teams, training 2 courses 32 teams. 3280 youth benefitted from t5he football courses.
  3. Conducting 170 friendly games at the youth playing field in which 3740 youths benefitted.
  4. Youth’s night playing field, that was chosen randomly, was given to the city’s football team 44. 3400 youths benefitted only at night.
  5. Youth Center’s training course, 210 beneficiaries.
  6. Youth Center conducted 3 volleyball training courses, 34 teams, 300 youth beneficiaries.
  7. Volleyball training 30 beneficiaries
  8. 225 youth beneficiaries on table tennis days.
  9. 80 youth beneficiaries on chess days.
  10. Gym beneficiaries, 520 youths of both genders.
  11. 60 youth beneficiaries in a marathon.
  12. 45 youth benefitted from a bicycle race.
  13. Conducting a hiking trip, 300 beneficiaries.
  14. The participation of the sports department in 44 festivals at sport schools in Kirkuk, Halabja, Ranya, and Darbandixan, 1000 beneficiaries participated.
  15. Conducting 4 sport forums.

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