KSC’s activities in Erbil

-Kurdistan Save the Children on the 23rd of November 2016 conducted an awareness campaign about dental hygiene and gave out toothbrushes to the children at Erbil Awoul School in Erbil. This campaign was conducted with the help of Dr. Saya Hadi (dentist specialized in dental healthcare for children) and 15 volunteers.

196 children between the years 6-15 benefitted from this campaign. It’s worth mentioning that this campaign will be ongoing in Erbil.

– On the 27th and 28th of November 2016 Kurdistan Save the Children opened a 2 day course for the Autism Center and Hana Center in Erbil. The course was by Dr. Nawzad Chamani about How to Treat Children with Autism.

The aim in these types of courses is enhancing and increasing the staff’s knowledge on how to treat children with autism. The number of participants was 25 staff members who received a certificate after completing the course.

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