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25th Anniversary of Kurdistan Save the Children’s establishment

The 16th of September marks KSC’s 25th anniversary.

KSC is an independent nongovernmental organization that works to provide a better future for children. KSC was established in 1991 by Mrs. Hero Ibrahim Ahmed and other dedicated people.

The aim of KSC is to protect children’s rights regardless of race, gender, religious or political affiliation.

KSC’s main office is in Sulaimani- Kurdistan/Iraq but we also have offices in Erbil, Kirkuk, and Duhok. In 1993, Kurdistan Save the Children was registered in the United Kingdom under the name Kurdistan Children’s Fund.

Throughout the 25 years, KSC has worked to provide children with services in various fields of Protection, Health, Youth, Sponsorship, and Education in which thousands of children, youth and families have benefitted.

Kurdistan Save the Children’s projects and activities all work to protect children’s rights according to The International Convention on the Rights of a Child (1989).

On the 25th anniversary of Kurdistan Save the Children’s establishment a number of NGO, governmental directorates and high profile personals congratulated KSC with flowers and thanked all the project managers and staff on their work for children and youth in child protection, sponsorship, education, health, youth and refugees throughout the 25 years.

KSC, to celebrate this occasion, conducted a number of activities within its different projects for children and youth, as followed;

KSC’s Youth Development Project organized a number of music festivals and art exhibitions at a number of its Youth Activity Centers (Koya Youth Activity Center-Koya, Ranya Youth Activity Center- Ranya, Halabja Youth Activity Center- Halabja, and Kirkuk Youth Activity Center- Kirkuk).


KSC’s Support for Children with Cancer project on the 25th anniversary of Kurdistan Save the Children conducted a Child Cancer Awareness campaign in Slemani and Duhok with the aim of spreading awareness in our society about child cancer and its signs. The signs and rights of cancer stricken children were explained through brochures and other printed materials that were handed out.



KSC’s Educational project on the 25th anniversary of Kurdistan Save the Children’s establishment, the Children’s Cultural Centers (Sarra, Sarshaqam, Chwarta, Bazian, and Kirkuk) on the 21st-25th of September 2016 conducted a number of activities such as (playing music, singing songs, performing plays and the opening of art exhibitions) with the aim of showing the children’s talents.


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