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Four of the highest ranking students in the Kurdistan region are from Shahid Jabbar Exemplary School

Four of the highest ranking students in the Kurdistan Region are 9th and 12th grade students at Shahid Jabbar School, two of them are in the 9th grade and two of them are in the 12th grade.

Both students, Lana Dara Najm and Mohammed Majid Musher were 3rd in the Kurdistan Region with a total score of 696 in the 12th grade. Mohammed Mustafa Kamal was first in the Slemani Region with a score of 897.6 in the 9th grade and Aren Aso Salahaden second in the Slemani region with a score of 897.2 in the 9th grade.

Shahid Jabbar Exemplary School is a mixed school that was established by Kurdistan Save the Children in Slemani in coordination with the Ministry of Education. This school receives 50 students yearly to the seventh grade depending on their marks the previous year and their scores on their admission exams. The scientific curriculum is taught in English and at the same time computer, English, Arabic and Kurdish subjects are given great importance.

Kurdistan Save the Children and the Shahid Jabbar staff congratulate all the students who passed their 12th grade national exams with flying marks especially the four high ranking students in Shahid Jabbar School.

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