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Organizing a Rainbow Trip for the Children at Hiwa Hospital

Kurdistan Save the Children on the 30th of April 2016 organized a Rainbow Trip to Mergapan Resort for the children at Hiwa Hospital.

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Rainbow Trips are one of the evident monthly activities KSC organizes for the children at Hiwa Hospital .This month’s trip was to Mergapan Resort with the attendance of more than 25 children and their parents.

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This trip was conducted with the help of a group of dedicated volunteers and KSC staff members. This trip, different from previous trips, was to a resort outside of the city which gave joy to the children and sparked smiles on the children’s faces. A number of different activities were performed during the trip such as singing songs, dance, blowing bubbles, and face paintings.

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The aim of this trip was the participation of the children in a number of different activities and improving the health of the children.

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“This trip was more beneficial to me then vaccine injections”

These are the words of one of the children who participated in KSC’s Rainbow Trip the Mergapan Resort.

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