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Autism and Down syndrome Awareness Campaign

Kurdistan Save the Children conducted an Autism and Down Syndrome Awareness Campaign from the 2nd to 28th of April 2016 in public places and schools in and around Sulaimani (Sulaimani, Halabja, Garmyan, Raparen) to spread awareness about Autism and Down syndrome in our society through the distribution of leaflets about both conditions and conducting surveys about Autism and showing the skills and abilities of children with these conditions by organizing art exhibitions to put the children’s  paintings on display, as well as giving information verbally about the two conditions to the people who attended the events.



  • Sulaimani -Sulaimani’s public park and Najm Alden Mala and Goran Schools.
  • Garmyan – Kurdistan Nwe and Shahed Aram Schools
  • Halabja- Sharazwr, Bamo, Hassan Awa and Abdulrahman Mirza Hassan Secondary Girl’s School
  • Garmyan – Ranya Secondary Girl’s School And Btwen Secondary School
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