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Distributing charity boxes

Distributing charity boxes to raise money  for cancer stricken children and orphans.


The Kurdistan Save the Children- Ara sector team with an efficient program started distributing boxes  from their living places to schools .From the 16th of January 2016 this team has  started distributing these charity boxes in 3 housing residences like (Garden City, Pasha City and Shinyar City).


This distribution had amazing results with (183 boxes in Garden City, 109 boxes in Pasha City and 1oo boxes in Shinyar City) with the help of some good hearted and benevolent volunteers who had an evident role in this process.


 This distributing process will continue in all parts of Slemani and progress into Hawler and Duhok with an aim of distributing 1000 charity boxes till the end of this year.


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