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Childhood Cancer Day

KSC’S ARA sector initiated a campaign to raise awareness for Childhood Cancer in conjunction with International Childhood Cancer Day 15.02.15. By distributing leaflets and organising seminars across Duhok, Sulaimaniyah and Erbil, ARA focused on informing different groups of society about the signs and symptoms of childhood cancer, managing the treatments, and how KSC can support them. To engage a large response, we distributed thousands of yellow ribbons and welcomed supporters of our campaign to upload a selfie with the ribbon to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

This campaign will be ongoing for 3 months, to get involved check out our 10403259_583869015090026_8487219082782714166_n 1476223_583868985090029_5286032790449804342_n 10516630_583898131753781_443762735190809299_n 10984276_584011125075815_1701455574995357372_n 10959577_583869471756647_7822838698028449846_n13125_583868718423389_9154281449696254135_n

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