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Surgery for Children with Congenital Cleft Lip / Palate Deformity

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We believe in Equal Access to ‪#‎Healthcare because Every child is Precious;

On November 8, 2015, a specialists on Clift Lip / Palate congenital deformity, arrived in Sulaimany upon the invitation of Kurdistan Save the Children.


Dr. Brian Sommerlad, will stay in Sulaimany until November 13. During this time, Dr. Sommerlad will be conducting surgery on the children having different kinds of Clift Lip / Palate deformity, who are recorded at the KSC Health Sector database, and examine the children on KSC waiting list.

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Dr. Brian Sommerlad, will also conduct a workshop on various aspects of Clift Lip / Palate congenital deformity for the physicians and surgeons working at Sulaimany hospitals.