Sulaimani Youth Centre

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Sulaimani Youth Activity Center was established in 1998 with the main purpose of providing various educational, intellectual and recreational services to young people. Initially there were few departments but the center gradually expanded and some new departments were added to provide youths with a wide range of activities and learning opportunities. This center also provides vocational training courses to assist youths by providing them with the skills they need to obtain jobs.

The total number of beneficiaries for 2018 reached 2973 youths. Some of the activities in the year 2018 include: Opening 16 computer courses in which 229 youths benefitted, opening 10 music courses  for different musical instruments and 2 Art festival in which 300 youths benefitted, opening 8 drawing courses and 2 Art galleries, opening 14 English courses and 8 Arabic-Kurdish courses in which 682 youths benefitted and opening 8 hairdressing courses, 7 sewing courses, 6 cosmetology and 1 cooking course in which 816 youths benefitted, opening 51 diverse sport courses in which 370 youths are beneficiated as well as performing 30 matched playing and 6 Champion.