Street Children

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For the last two years the street children in Baghdad have had a place to go. In 2003, just after the war, KSC opened a house for street children in the Iraqi capital. It is called the Saftey House.

So far it has only been for boys. They have a place to live and recover from whatever conditions they were living in on the streets. Many suffer from drug addiction or have supported themselves by stealing, and they are often referred to us by the police after being arrested.

The children get cared for and nursed by our staff. They receive clean clothes, a place to sleep, regular, healthy meals, friends and a chance to be a “normal” child again. But most of all they are off the streets, in a safe environment, with grown ups to look after and care for them. They are also sent back to school, after some tuition in the Home. They have access to various playrooms with toys and games, and are taken swimming regularly or on picnics in the local countryside.

There are generally about 35 boys, aged between 7 and 15, at any one time in the Home. The KSC staff of nurses, social workers, psychologists, doctors and teachers, are on hand twenty- four hours a day. The goal is to reunite the children with their families, so every other week personnel go together with the boys to see them. Depending on the family situation it takes a varying amount of time before a boy moves back with them.  The children generally stay in the Saftey House for three to six months.