Medical Research

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Medical research is just as important as providing children with treatment. In order to provide the best treatment KSC initiated this research program in 2004. Within the program, several research projects may run parallel to each other but we prioritize the research related to children’s diseases.

2005 KSC set up and continues to support research at Halabja Hospital, in Halabja, Iraqi Kurdistan. The symptoms are superfluous facial hair, i.e. beard and moustache, acne, and in some cases it causes infertility. Approximately 1. 2 % of the women in Halabja are suffering from the syndrome, and it has become a social problem since they women are left unmarried because of their appearance. The study concerns a medical condition known as Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), in which the female body produces an abnormal amount of the male hormone, testosterone.