Koya Youth Centre

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The Koya youth activity center was established on June 20th 2002. Since then it has played a key role in providing the youth with a space where they can enhance and develop their abilities and skills.

The total number of beneficiaries in the year 2018 reached 9011 youths. Some of the activities for the year 2018 include : Opening 20 music courses for different musical instruments in which 2150 youths benefitted as well as conducting 9 concerts, opening 2 theater courses in which 91 youths benefitted as well as performing 1 plays, opening 8 English courses in which 316 youths benefitted, opening 5 hairdressing courses, 5 sewing courses, 3 electrical courses and 3 fixing air coordinator courses in which 447 youths benefitted, opening 16 art courses in which 772 youths benefitted as well as opening 6 art exhibitions and The total number of beneficiaries for the sport department reached 3036 youths.