Khanaqin Youth Centre

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The Khanaqeen youth activity center was provides learning opportunities for the youth to acquire skills in computing and internet usage, music, fine arts, sports, and other fields of knowledge.

The total number of beneficiaries in the year 2018 reached 8,892 youths. Some of the activities for the year 2018 include: Opening 9 computer courses for different computer programs in which 282 youths benefitted, opening 7 music courses for different musical instruments in which 379 youths benefitted as well as conducting 3 concerts and 2 art activity for refugee children, opening 9 sculpting courses in which 603 youths benefitted as well as opening 5 sculpting exhibitions, opening 9 English courses and 2 debate in English language in which 579 youths benefitted, opening 9 hairdressing courses, 5 cosmetology courses, 8 sewing courses and 4 cloth exhibition in which 1,913 youths benefitted as well as conducting 3 outing haircuts, opening 52 different sport courses, playing 61 friendly games and 6 sport competitions in which 3,414 youths benefited.